Long-term care

How social care is funded currently

Care costs can be very substantial if you have to pay these in full.

If the total value of all your capital exceeds certain limits you'll be required to fund all or part of your care. Capital includes any savings and investments you have. And it might also include any equity in your home.

If you have more capital than the higher limits shown in the map below, you’ll probably have to pay towards your own care costs.

JUST-3692_PB Infographic_V1_Map _1.jpg

Even if you have less than the amounts shown above, you might still need to contribute towards the cost of your care. In England, for example, you must have less than £14,250 in capital for the local council to consider picking up the total cost.

In Wales, the figure of £50,000 applies to residential care costs. Non residential care costs are capped at £24,000.

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